Frequently asked questions

Does the REC emergency course meet the requirements of my NGB award?

Yes. Click here for the requirements of all the different NGBs.

Is the REC emergency an HSE approved outdoor first aid course?

No, because the HSE doesn't approve outdoor first aid courses, but I can certify the first day as an EFAW if you ask me in advance. If you really want a first aid at work course then visit

What's in the course?

That depends on who you are and what you're planning to go and do, but a course syllabus can be found here.

There are a group of us, can you come and run a course for us?

Yes. I can come and run a REC emergency course at your venue. It'll cost £600 (potentially more if I have to take ferries or you're the opposite end of the UK!) which covers you for up to 12 participants. You're welcome to sell on any spare places to reduce your costs.

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